SAME SEX WEDDING Non-Religious service >SAMPLE>  Rev Philip Sciscione

Officiant opens with "PLEASE RISE!"
Officiant asks Option: "Who presents this Man/woman to be married to this Man/woman given to this union?
(Could be asked twice) 
>>>Family,friend or relative replies with “I do or we do.”
Out of affection for _____ and ________, we are gathered here in the presence of this company to witness the exchanging of vows that will bind them together in a lifelong commitment. When this ceremony has ended, they will leave as a married couple joined together by choice.
To this moment ___­­­­________ and _____________ bring the fullness of their hearts as a treasure to share with one another. They bring the dreams that will bind them together. They bring that personality and spirit …
So while this ceremony celebrates the binding of two hearts that they already been beating in unison, at the same time, a home is being formed and a relationship established that is founded in friendship and love for one another.


 There is a term that we hear often at events such as this with very little explanation. The term is “Perfect Love and Perfect Trust” or “Unconditional Love”.

Memorial acknowledgement example wording: SAMPLE
_____________ and ______________ would like to take a moment of silence in remembrance of special loved ones who could not be here in body, but are most certainly here in spirit and from a higher place.

Pause for a few moments…

Words of Love and Marriage….(SAMPLE)
         Love is not created by law. It is a gift from a higher place given to two human beings that binds them to each other. ETC…….
         There are no vows on earth more solemn than those you are about to take. This marriage is a new beginning. It is flawless in its good humor and its sense of well-being. ETC….

Declaration of intent/ Charge: (asking the individually) SAMPLE
And so I ask you ______________ you have come here today with the intention of taking   _______________ to be your spouse, to live in the solemn covenant of marriage for as long as he/she will live?

If so say “I Will”. (Answer “I Will”)
Forever hold your peace statement

Into this holy union ______ and ______ now come to be joined. If any one of you can show just cause why they may not be lawfully married, you may leave quietly by the back door/gate

Your Marriage Vows (Traditional asking “I do”) Option # 1

Officiant: Take each other by the right hand and in the presence of your family and friends.
Officiant: to Spouse > each individually asked

Do you _________ take __________ in marriage, to love, honor, comfort and cherish; for better or for worse, in sickness or in health from this day forward. If so say “I Do”

>>>MANY OTHER VOW Options and Inserts i.e. Readers, Sand ceremony , Unity candle, personal vows ETC....

Your Marriage Vows – (Said to each other)  Option #2
(Repeated after Officiant or each read from notes)

I promise to help you love life
And I stand before you today because I’ve chosen you to be my partner forever.

Introduction of the Rings >>>(More options)
 “A circle is the symbol of the sun, the earth and the universe. Like circles, your rings have no beginning and no ending; They are tokens of the growing relationship you have come here to celebrate and confirm”. (Retrieve rings).

Your RING VOWS (SAMPLE)  OPTION #1 repeated individually
I, ___________  give you_____________this ring, as a symbol of my vow, and with all that I am, and all that I have. “I honor you” (or I thee wed”).>>>MANY OTHER VOW Options

Your RING VOWS (SAMPLE) OPTION #2 repeated individually
___________ I promise to encourage your compassion
Because that is what makes you unique and wonderful,
I promise to nurture your dreams
Because through them your soul shines. 
I promise to help shoulder our challenges>

Pronouncement (SAMPLE)
Now that ____________ and ____________ have given themselves to each other by solemn vows, with the joining of hands and the giving and receiving of a ring in the presence of this company, by the authority of the state of Pennsylvania and that of God, I now pronounce you eternal spouses in marriage!

You may indeed kiss.


Ladies and gentlemen,
I am very happy to present the newly married couple …………….

License is given to _________________________